Media Players

Ace Media Player - Play MKV,MP4,FLV,WEBM,TS,TP,VOB,WMV,MOV,RMVB in one Media Player

Ace Media Player - Online Manual

Keyboard Shortcuts

SpaceToggle play/pause
EnterToggle fullscreen
RightSeek forward 10 seconds
LeftSeek backward 10 seconds
UpIncrease volume
DownDecrease volume
PriorPrevious file in the playlist
NextNext file in the playlist
HomeFirst file in the playlist
EndLast file in the playlist
EscExit fullscreen

Mouse Operations

Right-clicking on screenContext menu
Double-clicking on screenToggle fullscreen
Double-clicking on playlist itemJump and play that item
Clicking on playlist hide knobHide playlist
Clicking on playlist show knobShow playlist
Mouse wheel upIncrease volume
Mouse wheel downDecrease volume

Download Ace Media Player v2.8.398 (Freeware 3.3M)